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Certificates and Awards

Mobarez Manufacturing & Research Company has started its work from 2008 in order to increase the quality of the products and domestic and foreign customer satisfaction (employees and all stakeholders); its work has aimed at establishing quality management systems in the organization. We have been successful to catch international certificates in your organization by following the motto of customer satisfaction, a healthy environment and preventing from wasting resources and reducing duplication and waste and increasing productivity. We have been successful to catch Information Management System (IMS) framework according to the needs to the large collection of instructions, procedures and records of management system; because this collection has many advantages and include all the activities of the organization which leads to positive results; and it helps to identify weakness and to control and develop natural interaction of processes in order to meet the customers’ needs. IMS provides procedures of large-scale system of integration that enables organizations to be the best. The frame work of it provides the possibility integrate a large range of management system in order to achieve the interests of all of our organizations. In summer of 2009, by the wisdom of CEO and efforts of all managers and staff, we are honor to catch international certification in the field of quality management systems, occupational health and environmental safety as follow:
ISO / TS: 16949-2002, ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007
These international standards are an administrative guidance to ensure sustainable success for each organization in the changing and difficult environment; since these standards meet all expectations and satisfaction of all interested parties via continuous improvement and systematic performance, therefore, we can see continuous improvement in the system by following and reviewing and reports of assurance and quality control practically in order to meet the interests of consumers and the company. In this regard, the care audits of this certification in 2008 was provided in order to extend the certification for another year during audits. We showed that we believe in this proverb” Where there is a will there is a way”. In the way that, in February of 2011, we succeeded in catching workplace organizing system certificate (5s). It is noteworthy that it is not the end of our honor, we are trying to catch National Medal of Iranian national standard to imprint on our products.


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