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Mobarez Manufacturing & Research Company began its activity in manufacturing municipal service machines and urban heavy truck with more than one hundred years of experience under the license of Dennis Eagle Company of England from 1988. It has succeeded in producing diverse products compatible with the geographic, social, economic and cultural conditions of Iran. The main feature of the company is using the knowledge and experience of domestic experts and using advanced technology of the world; in the latter case, after the purchase and deployment of advanced technologies of manufacturing the machineries and municipal services, the company has succeeded in adjusting the products in accordance with the domestic requirements and needs and expanding and developing them. Hence, today, it is able to provide appropriate design for all customer needs; and after modeling, they can manufacture products. To succeed in this matter, they has used sophisticated teachers of college, qualified experts and graphic design software. Mobarez Company is honored to manufacture municipal service machines and urban heavy trucks as the first manufacturer in Iran; and it has been raised in the Middle East by producing numerous groups of diverse products according to the standards of the world, some of which are explained in the following.
1. Garbage collector machines:
Load Capacity: 4 cubic meters, for 401،402،403،404،407 models (mini-pack)
Load Capacity: 5 cubic meters, for 502،501،506 models
Load Capacity: 6 cubic meters, for 607، 602، 601، 605 models
Load Capacity: 8 cubic meters, for ، 801، 802، 803، 804، 807 models
Load Capacity: 9 cubic meters, for 906، 905 models
Load Capacity: 18 cubic meters, for 1802، 1801، 1805 models
Load Capacity: 60 cubic meters, for 6003، 6001 models (Waste truck)
Load Capacity: 50 cubic meters, for 5002 models (Waste truck)
Load Capacity: 50 cubic meters, for 5005 models (harper truck)
2. Sweeping machines
Street broom sweeper, 611 and 615 models
Boom sweeper for sidewalk, bus parking, plants and parks, 112 model.
Variety of brooms and street brooms for different usages with different capacity in accordance with customers’ order on preferable chassis.
Curb washer machine (multi-purpose):
To wash curbs, streets, boulevards and guard rail in highways, sprinkling the streets, squares and streets, washing the large doors of workshops, garages, warehouses, irrigation and spraying trees along roadways and irrigation of plants and flower, in models of 534, 734, 934
4. Rescue car
In models of 142, 442, 441, 141
5. Fire extinguisher
In models of 821, 421, 323, 122, 1221
6. Sludge transporter machine
In models of 562،1061
7. Skip hoist machine
In models of 871, 1072, 1271, 971, 1172, and tipper in models of 276, 376, 1076
8. Trucks to distribute urban goods in various sizes
9. Recycling machines in models of 551 and 751 to recycle dried waste and separate them
We hope that we will be able to take an effective step to meet domestic needs and to develop our industry by producing various products; and in the future, we will establish an active presence in international markets.

contact information

  Isfahan, Jey Industrial Area, Fifth Avenue, No: 54
phone-en   Phone: +98-31-35720417
  Fax: +98-31-35720419


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